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Thank you to the

8 months 1 week ago

Horizon work day this Saturday. 8am-2pm. We could really use a good showing of workers. Please consider joining us.

8 months 3 weeks ago

Santa Fe Lake -  New section WILL be open this winter expanding trail to 6.5  miles.  We need about 4 work days to complete the trail providing we have a crew of 5-7 people at each event.

8 months 3 weeks ago

-Every Wednesday:  Show'n'Go @ Miller's Meadow  4pm – 9pm

-Sept 8th  KSS Trail Council Meeting  7pm  @ Heartland Cycles

-Sept 17th  Horizon Maintenance Work Day  8am – 2pm  

-Sept 19th  Santa Fe Lake Bike Party and Crit  6pm – 9pm 

9 months 4 hours ago

Your KSS has been working hard at creating new trail opportunities and maintaining the ones we have through volunteerism and dedication to our sport.  We hope everyone is having fun! It makes us all happy to see people using the trails.

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